UV Cleanbox and QI charging

UV Cleanbox and QI charging
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Place the object you want to disinfect in the box, close the lid and select if you want to do a quick clean in 1 minute or a complete cleaning on 10 minutes. You can disinfect non-porous every day objects such as your phone, earphones, keys and remote controls and more.
The non-toxic UV-C light kills 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria. The light is safe for electronic devices, cleans all exposed sides and even the cracks in your device by destroying molecular-level pathogens. No heat or liquid is used. The box is equipped with smart protection that switches the light off automatically when the drawer is opened to prevent the user from being exposed to the UV-C light.
Charge your phone wirelessly with the built-in quick charger by placing the phone on the charging surface of the cover. With QI Fast Charge 10W technology, your phone charges much faster than with standard QI.
The UV box has a universal USB-C port and comes with a charging cable. The UV-C lamps have a long life, up to 10,000 hours.

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C TWO har allt inom elektronik och kännetecknas av sin service, innovation, design och kvalitet.

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Material ABS
Tryckmetoder 1-4-Color print. Tampo
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